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Guar gum is extracted from the seed of Cyamopsis tetragonoloba, an annual leguminous plant originating from India and Pakistan, also cultivated in the United States. Guar Gum grows best in sandy soils, in areas of West and Northwest parts of India, which are ideal for it's farming. Indian Guar Gum Products are exported and supplied all over the world.

Guar gum is an emulsifier, thickener, and stabilizer approved for use in a wide range of foods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Gum Technology Stabilizers are carefully controlled blends of various food ingredients. They are mostly natural vegetable gums which are derived from sources such as seeds, plant exudate and marine plants. These may be blended with other hydro-colloids or food ingredients such as fats or emulsifiers. India is famous for guar gum products and food additives. It is sold as a white to yellowish odorless powder, which is available in different viscosities depending on the desired one. One advantageous property of guar gum is that it thickens without the application of heat. Industrial application of guar gum includes the textile industry where guar gum's excellent thickening properties are used for textile printing. In the paper industry Guar is used as an additive where it gives denser surface to the paper used in printing. In the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, Guar Gum is used as an effective binder, stabilizer, dis-integrator and thickener. In bakeries, dairies and in production of meat and, dressings and sauces, Guar is an important natural food supplement with high nutritional value, for weight gain and cholesterol reduction. In cosmetics, especially shampoos and toothpastes, guar gum is used primarily as a thickening and suspending agent. In beverages, it is used as stabilizer for preparing chocolate drinks and juices. Guar is also widely used in tobacco, leather, insecticides and pesticides, crayons, adhesives etc. Guar gum comes in different forms - from seeds to powder. Main types of Guar Gum include Guar Seed, Un-dehusked Split, Refined Split, Pulverized Guar Gum Powder, Guar Protein and Guar Meal.

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